Material data sheets on most of the common materials we produce our foam strip, rubber strip, neoprene washers, PTFE washers, Neoprene gaskets, EPDM strip and many more can all be found below. If there are any other materials in which you require a datasheet on please feel free to ask a member of our sales team.


Neoprene FoamEPDM FoamSilicone Sponge 1Silicone Sponge 2High Temp EPDMSAB Pre-Compressed Expanding Foam TapePolyurethane FoamPVC Nitrile FoamClass O Acoustic FoamFirm Grade Expanded PVC FoamFirm Grade Neoprene FoamFlame Retardeant Polyethylene FoamFlame Retardent Neoprene FoamHigh Temp EPDMLD33 Polyethylene FoamLD45 Polyethylene FoamLD67 Polyethylene FoamNeoprene / EPDM Blend FoamSemi Open Cell EPDM FoamSoft Grade Neoprene Foam


Natural RubberButyl RubberEPDM RubberFlame Retardant Neoprene RubberHypalon RubberNeoprene RubberNitrile RubberSilicone RubberViton Rubber


Neoprene Bonded Cork (CC2015)Nitrile Bonded Cork (CC2001)Nitrile / Neoprene Bonded Cork (CC2020)


Clear Flexible PVCNylon 6PolypropylenePTFE


ElephantideFlexoidKlingersil C4324Klingersil C4400Klingersil C4430Klingersil C4500Vulcanised FibreWool / Felt