RH Nuttall Limited manufactures and supplies all EPDM seals for all types of industries.

Both EPDM Sponge Seals as well as EPDM Rubber Seals are made to suit customer requirements.

The main purpose of an EPDM Seal is to aid in the thwarting of fluid seepage in many industrial parts.

EPDM Sponge Seals being made from a closed cell material means that any passage of water or air through the gasket is prevented. This is exactly the same idea with EPDM Rubber Seals, however, with this being a solid material it will not compress to form the seal but simply be able to be tightened up onto in order to prevent fluid or air transfer.

EPDM seals can be made as EPDM Strip, EPDM Washers or EPDM Gaskets depending on the application.

We manufacture a wide range of plain and self-adhesive back EPDM sealing strips. These can be used in a variety of applications including the prevention of air or water flow.

They provide excellent seals against weathering issues and are a fundamental seal for applications including draught exclusion in a variety of construction requirements.

High temperature EPDM seals are manufactured by RH Nuttall Limited. Furthermore, an adhesive backing can be applied to most sealing parts we manufacture.

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