RH Nuttall Limited manufacturers a wide range of leather washers.

Leather washers can be supplied in any shape from simple round or square designs to a bespoke configuration with numerous holes and or slots across the flange.

Over the past few years RH Nuttall Limited have invested heavily in new, state of the art, automated machinery allowing them to produce our leather washer range for a vast amount of different industries which include construction, metal polishing equipment, outdoor pursuits, and automotive trades.

Leather Washers - RH Nuttall Ltd

Furthermore, we have the facility to split leather to whatever thickness is required. We currently hold stocks of most BSP Leather washers as well as raw leather hides and therefore our leather products can be turned around immediately. Standard leather washers include 1″ BSP Leather Washers, 1.5″ BSP Leather Washers, 2″ BSP Leather Washers, 3″ BSP Leather Washers and 4″ BSP Leather Washers. Moreover, our leather is of the highest quality and therefore durability of our leather washers are guaranteed.

Leather Washers - RH Nuttall Ltd

Leather is a material made through the tanning of hides and skins of animals, primarily cattle hide. The tanning process converts the protein of the decomposing skin into a durable, and multifaceted natural material. The reason RH Nuttall Limited uses the best quality tanned hides to produce its washers and gaskets is due to the nature of their application. When raw hides are tanned they dry out to leave a durable and flexible material that will no putrefy when wetted back. This is particularly important in pipe work applications. Furthermore, as our leather washers and gaskets are robust and durable it has given rise to requirements to applications within the metal polishing trade.