RH Nuttall Limited are a leading supplier of all neoprene sponge cord. Our neoprene cord comes in different diameters ranging from 2.5mm diameter, 3mm diameter, 4mm diameter, 5mm diameter, 6mm diameter, 8mm diameter, 9.5mm diameter, 12mm diameter, 13mm diameter, 15mm diameter, 19mm diameter, right up to 25mm in diameter.

Neoprene sponge cord is available in a black colour. Being a closed cell material, neoprene sponge is an excellent choice of material for sealing gaps or voids, preventing anything from passing through it cell structure. Its slight compression allows the neoprene sponge to be manipulated into place too.

Our circular foam sealing strip is available in a black colour and normally we hold most standard diameter section in stock for fast delivery. Neoprene sponge cord supplied by RH Nuttall Limited is an ideal sealing material for applications including UV, ozone and air and water sealing. It is a closed cell material allowing no ingress of any water, dust or air through or into it.

With a temperature prevail of +85 C to -30 C our neoprene sponge cord is ideal for most outdoor environments. The neoprene sponge cord that we supply throughout a whole range of industries including construction and marine is a compressible solid section and not supplied as neoprene sponge ‘o’ring tubing.

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