RH Nuttall Limited produce an array of other products from a wide range of additional materials. Items such as lead washers, gasket paper, graphite foil gaskets, mica washers, Statite washers, oil jointing and vegetable paper are all readily available. A vast array of rubber offcuts are also available from the company at a very competitive price. We also manufacture a wide range of anti vibration pads which can be made to most sizes and shapes specified.

Lead Washers

Although we are traditionally a non metallic washer and gasket manufacturer, from time to time we get enquiries in Lead. We have therefore been able to modify our production techniques and produce such items. As lead is a soft and malleable metal it is easily stamped into shapes of all sizes. We predominantly supply lead washers in a 1.8mm thickness.

As lead is resistant to corrosion we often provide washers for roofing sealing applications. Our washers are also used as weights in measuring equipment.

Roofing Felt Gaskets

RH Nuttall Limited produce gaskets in roofing felt This material is a glass fibre or polyester fleece impregnated with bituminous material (tar, asphaltic bitumen). Sand can be added to the surface of this material to aid in certain applications of heat or when the parts shouldn’t bond together.

Roofing felt is often supplied by RH Nuttall for the construction industry in form of roofing seals.

Mica Washers

RH Nuttall Limited produce washers, gaskets and insulations in mica. Due to mica having both a high dielectric strength and excellent chemical stability, it is a popular choice for applications including radio frequencies. It is also stamped into parts for use within applications including insulating against high voltage electric.

Please be aware that mica is a very fragile material to work with. However, as mica is resistant to heat, it is used instead of glass in windows for stoves and kerosene heaters. Electrical conductors in cables can be separated with mica washers. We predominantly supply mica components of this type to the emergency lighting sector when short circuiting problems are of paramount importance.

Gasket Paper (Flexoid, Statite, Oil Jointing) – Gasket Material

RH Nuttall Limited manufacture washers, gaskets, seals, insulations and strip form various types of gasket paper. Flexoid, also referred to as Statite, and Oil Jointing, is a plasticised gelatine impregnated material, that is cellulose based. Gasket paper sheet, gasket paper gaskets and gasket paper washers are all readily available.

Traditionally used throughout the automotive trade to seal against fuel and oil, Flexoid is also a very economical material. Available in a variety of thicknesses, Flexoid does have certain limitations in that stored gaskets must be protected from wide changes of humidity and temperature to prevent dimensional change. Flexoid is not suitable for applications including alkalies, acids and steam. Furthermore, it should therefore not be used in replacement of a compressed non asbestos parts as their functions are quite different. It has a maximum operating temperature of 120°C. It is also suitable with applications including anti freeze.


We also manufacture washers and gaskets from Millboard. This is a tough and rigid fibreboard material suitable for use within numerous industries. Automotive, MOD, and metal polishing industries all make use of our Millboard products.



RH Nuttall Limited have the facilities to produce many fabricated parts and hand cut gaskets. On occasions we have customers who require a unique product for prototypes or special one off designs. Intricate shapes, composites or simple designs are all accommodated. With our skilled and experienced work force coupled with our extensive range of machinery RH Nuttall Limited we can offer these parts without the need for sometimes expensive tooling and normally with very quick lead times.

Assembly and Forming

In addition to cut parts RH Nuttall has an in-house assembly and forming facility. Components can be folded, jigged, pinned, riveted and stuck. Many of our customers prefer to take delivery of a finished item which can go straight to the final production line. This simplifies their operations, saving them time and money.

We also weigh, count and bag up kits or small numbers of parts for specific purposes, again saving your labour costs.

Graphite Foil Gaskets

RH Nuttall Limited also provide sealing solutions with the manufacture of graphite foil components. Washers, gaskets, and seals are all produced from graphite foil. It is manufactured from high purity, high crystalline natural graphite flakes, which are processed into continuous foil by a special acid and thermal treatment to produce expanded graphite crystals. The expanded graphite crystals are then formed into foil through an extensive calendaring process without any resins and binders.

Graphite foil can be used to provide sealing solutions in pressure, temperature and vibration applications. With graphite foil having a low coefficient of friction and being self lubricating it further enhances its reputation as a superior sealing material. Furthermore, graphite foil is also an excellent choice for sealing where liquids, gases, and chemicals are apparent.

A popular choice of gasket in the automotive trade as well as petro-chemical industry and boiler trades, graphite foil displays outstanding characteristics including excellent thermal stability and reflectivity.

Graphite Foil Gaskets

Moreover, graphite foil has a very good temperature prevail being resistant to low temperature of -200°C and having a maximum operating temperature of 450°C in air, 700°C in steam and 3000°C in inert or reducing environment. With graphite foil also being almost chemically inert coupled with its high purity, it makes this material an ideal sealing solution in nuclear environments.

Also available with a stainless steel reinforcement. Please be aware that due to its purity Graphite foil is a very fragile material. Graphite foil also provides a good electrically conductive material.

Polyester Wadding

RH Nuttall supply gaskets in Polyester Wadding (Polywad). This is polyester which has been pressed and slightly melted into place producing a flat wadding. Polyester wadding is also known as Dacron. Polyester Wadding is great for a cheap insulating material, and used by us for shroud linings in coffins.

Interface NV519

RH Nuttall Limited produce washers, gaskets, and seals in Interface NV519. This is a standard non asbestos high density gasket material. It is formulated from cellulose fibres, with special thermosetting resins and a nitrile Butadiene binder. Interface NV519 gaskets have a high tensile and compressive strength that is resistant to crush, extrusion and direct oil impingement. We mainly supply these parts for use in heavy duty flange applications where high bolt loading is necessary including air compressors and transmission value bodies.

For applications up to 180°C.


RH Nuttall Limited produce washers out of Leatherboard. Leatherboard is a material that is manufactured from irregularly laid leather fibres, each having a different skeleton substance. Leatherboard is bonded using mainly natural binders to obtain a firm material that shows leather-like qualities.

Leatherboard is available in 1mm, 1.5mm, 2.6mm, 3mm and 4mm thicknesses.

Brass Earth Tags

RH Nuttall Limited can supply a wide range of brass earth tags to suit all requirements. Click here for more about our range of earth tags. Serrated washers, locknuts, Banjo earth tags and aluminium washers are all supplied by us. Please follow the link above for more information.

Rubber Mouldings

RH Nuttall Limited supply all rubber mouldings to customer specification. We have become a leading supplier of all rubber mouldings. Rubber gaiters, rubber seals, rubber bungs, rubber blocks, rubber feet are all supplied in whatever quantity is desired.

rubber moulding

Rubber Offcuts

As a gasket cutter, RH Nuttall Limited accumulate a vast majority of rubber offcut pieces. Rubber rolls, rubber sheets, foam rubber swatches and neoprene sponge coils are available to buy as off cuts at a vastly reduced price. If you have a small requirement for a rubber offcut please ask a member of our sales staff today. We do operate a minimum charge policy, but normally can accomodate most requests. Common rubber offcuts can include thicknesses of 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 10mm, 15mm and 20mm thicknesses.

Anti Vibration Pads

As a leading stockist of most non metallic materials, we are able to solve many industrial and domestic vibration problems with the use of rubber, foam, or neoprene bonded cork. Anti vibration pads or mounts can be made to almost any given size, with or without a self adhesive backing. Anti vibration pads can be mounted onto a whole host of different equipment to reduce the resonance created. Depending on the material chosen, we can supply the anti vibration pads from thicknesses of 0.5mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 10mm, 12mm, 20mm and even right up to and including 25mm in thickness. Common applications include compressors, drilling equipment, and domestic appliances. The benefit of having the pads supplied with a self adhesive is that they can be positioned straight away, absorbing the vibrations, without them moving due to the creep that most vibrating machinery displays. Ask a member of our sales team today if you think we can be of help to you today.