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Family-run RH Nuttall Limited is a leading supplier of rubber roll, based within the UK. Whether you require a full roll, certain length or a cut piece from our rubber rolls, we can offer you huge savings on other leading stockists.

What is rubber roll?

When you think of the word ‘rubber’, you probably think of car tyres, erasers and elastic bands, but this incredibly flexible material can actually be found in thousands of different products and locations.

General Rubber Roll Sizes

0.5mm to 2.0mm 10m or 20m 1.4m
2.5mm to 6.0mm 10m 1.4m
8.0mm to 25mm 5m 1.4m

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There are many different kinds of rubber with the most common being natural (which is grown from plants) and synthetic (created artificially in a plant). We stock most grades of neoprene rubber roll, nitrile rubber roll, EPDM rubber roll as well as natural rubber rolls.

At RH Nuttall, we’ve spent years refining the art of producing and selling both natural and synthetic rubber which is supplied in rolls that are cut to measure. This enables our customers to use the raw material for their own purposes and in a variety of scenarios.

What is rubber roll for?

The rubber we supply ends up in all manner of different products and applications from hoses to gaskets, waterproofing and stamps. In fact, we’re confident our customers have found uses for it we’d never have considered ourselves, such is its flexibility.

 Here are some of the most common uses of rubber:

• Hoses
• Tyres
• Gaskets
• Diving gear
• Medicinal tubing
• Automotive seals
• Insulation
• Clothing (gloves, shoes, etc)

This fantastically flexible material makes its way into many walks of life and, chances are, you’ve come into contact with it several times today already!

The commercial potential of rubber

South America was once the main source of latex rubber during the 19th century, but in 1876, a chap called Henry Wickham smuggled 70,000 rubber tree seeds from Brazil, delivering them to Kew Gardens in England. This signalled the start of commercial use for rubber and, thanks to Mr Wickham, manufacturers like RH Nuttall haven’t looked back since.

Types of rubber roll we supply

At RH Nuttall, we supply a wide range of rubber roll:

Natural rubber

Resistant to moderate chemical contact, both wet and dry organic acids, ketones, aldehydes and alcohols, natural rubber can be blended with other polymers and retains excellent mechanical strength.

Commercial grade

Designed to maintain great compression and durability, commercial grade rubber is also flexible and used in a huge range of applications.


Used mainly where high oil resistance is essential, nitrile rubber can be found in gaskets, automatics seals and any other application where hot oil needs to be contained.


This type of rubber exhibits fantastic chemical stability and retains its flexibility over a wide temperature range, making it particularly useful in harsh conditions.

We have also become a leading supplier of adhesive backed rubber roll to a whole host of industries. Adhesive backed rubber rolls can aid in fixing or third hand fixing in a range of applications.

Grades and thicknesses

At RH Nuttall, most grades and thicknesses are held in stock and can be despatched immediately. Thicknesses of rubber roll range from 0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, 1.75mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 20mm, right up to 25mm.

Please note that thickness of rubber roll available is dependent on the grade of rubber sheet selected.

Cut to measure

We offer a full cutting service, which means we can manufacture parts from our rubber roll stocks to your requirements. All of the above grades of rubber sheet are available in cut pieces, rubber strip or as complete rolls.

Rubber roll widths and thicknesses vary depending on the specific grade of rubber. Generally, roll widths are between 1000mm – 1400mm and thicknesses are available from 0.5mm up to 25mm.

All rubber pads and rubber blocks are manufactured on-site in our plant and benefit from super-fast delivery.

What colour options do you offer?

The majority of rubber roll we supply is black in colour, however, we do supply a small amount of white rubber roll, and red rubber roll. The availability of the colour of rubber rolls supplied by RH Nuttall Limited will ultimately depend on the quantity required.

Why choose RH Nuttall?

We pride ourselves in remaining an independent, family-run business, and have been that way since 1860. An experienced team of over 30 people at our plant in Birmingham are provided with the latest tools and up-to-date training methods that enable them to produce the best materials within timescales that blow most of the competition out of the water.

RH Nuttall Limited have become one of the markets leading suppliers of all grades of rubber roll from simple 65Sh Natural or Commercial rubber rolls to more high grade variants including BS2751 Nitrile, and BS2752 Neoprene Rubber.

Please feel free to ask a member of our sales team for more advice on selecting the correct grade of rubber sheet for your specific application. Click here for a quote today on rubber sheet.