RH Nuttall is a family-owned and operated business based in the heart of Birmingham. Our experienced in-house team has helped us build a reputation as a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality washers made from a wide selection of premium materials.

A quick glance to the left of this page will demonstrate just how many materials we work with, and our extremely competitive pricing means you’ll typically find huge savings when placing an order with RH Nuttall compared to other stockists.

We can ship quickly to both domestic and international destinations, and we’re just as at home providing large runs for big firms as we are fulfilling smaller orders from small tradepu.

Materials used

We only use the best materials to manufacture our products, and while the full range of materials we use can be found to the left of this page, the most common we work with include:

If you require a different type of material and can’t see it listed on this page, don’t worry – we’d be delighted to discuss your requirements personally, so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Peerless manufacturing

Every washer we produce is made to an incredibly high standard with a level of accuracy that other manufacturers struggle to match. This guarantees our customers the best possible fitments and ensures excellent compatibility with a wide range of other components.

Proudly manufactured in the UK

RH Nuttall has remained a British business since 1860 and all of our washers are manufactured in our UK factory, based in the heart of Birmingham.

Nothing leaves our plant without first being put through strict quality control measures, ensuring our customers only receive the highest-quality, fault-free products.

We believe passionately that UK manufacturing is as strong as it has ever been and are determined to ensure that businesses, trades and building suppliers don’t pay over the odds for components that have to be shipped from afar. Thanks to our team, the components you need are much closer to home, and you can be guaranteed of fantastic, long-lasting build quality.

Before you place an overseas order, speak to RH Nuttall.

Ready for small and large orders

We frequently supply both small runs and large, complex orders that amount to multi-thousand washer runs. This ability to serve both large and small markets has kept us grounded as a company and means we’re just as comfortable dealing with small enterprises as we are big multinationals. We have standard size washers readily available in our Birmingham warehouse, but custom washers can also be manufactured and turned around quickly, to avoid you having to wait for components that don’t amount to a standard specification.

We also stock a wide range of self-adhesive and laminated washers, if the application calls for them.

 Standard size washers

We work tirelessly to ensure that all of our washers are compatible with standard bolt and thread sizes. Our UK-based manufacturing team also creates a full gamut of standard size washers that range from sizes M3 to M36 with thicknesses generally ranging from 0.2mm to 12mm.

Nylon Washers - Red Nylon Washers - RH Nuttall Ltd

 The table below is a detailed list of the standard metric plain washer sizes RH Nuttall manufactures and supplies:

Please find below a detailed list of standard metric plain washer sizes to BS4320 – 1968:

Nominal Size Washer Diameter Washer Thickness
Internal (Max – Min) External (Max – Min) Thickness (Max – Min) Thinness (Max – Min)
M3 3.4 – 3.2  7.0 – 6.7  0.6 – 0.4   –
M4 4.5 – 4.1  9.0 – 8.0  0.9 – 0.7   –
M5 5.5 – 5.1 10.0 – 9.7  1.1 – 0.9   –
M6 6.7 – 6.1 12.5 – 12.0  1.8 – 1.3  0.9 – 0.7
M8 8.7 – 8.4 17.0 – 16.0  1.8 – 1.4  1.1 – 0.9
M10 10.9 – 10.5 21.0 – 20.0  2.2 – 1.8  1.45 – 1.05
M12 13.4 – 12.5 24.0 – 23.5  2.7 – 2.3  1.8 – 1.4
M16 17.4 – 16.5 30.0 – 29.5  3.3 – 2.7  2.2 – 1.8
M20 21.5 – 21.0 37.0 – 36.0  3.3 – 2.7  2.2 – 1.8
M24 25.5 – 25.0 44.0 – 43.2  4.3 – 3.7  2.7 – 2.3
M30 31.6 – 31.0 56.0 – 55.0  4.3 – 3.7  2.7 – 2.3
M36 37.6 – 37.0 66.0 – 65.0  5.6 – 4.4  3.3 – 2.7
Self Adhesive Backed Rubber Washers - RH Nuttall Ltd

Custom washers

Certain applications call for something a little different, which is why, alongside our comprehensive range of standard washers, RH Nuttall is also able to produce bespoke washers for clients with unique requirements. Washers with splines, shaped washers and washers with notched internal or external diameters can all be manufactured at our plant in Birmingham. We stock over 6,000 different tool sizes, so, whatever your requirement, we’ll be able to fulfil the need. However, if you require something particularly unusual, new tooling can also be built on request for specific, custom washers. No order is too complex or unusual for the team at RH Nuttall. Please get in touch today to discuss your custom requirements.

Kiss-cut washers

Our in-house manufacturing team can also produce washers in a from that is commonly referred to as a ‘kiss-cut’ part. Kiss-cut parts are adhesive-backed washers that are supplied either on a roll or release paper with all external scrap removed. Kiss-cut washers are becoming more commonplace across a wide range of applications and industries due to their inherent ease-of-use and convenience. They save time by allowing the washer to be easily peeled away from its protective cover with the adhesive backing intact.

Additional options

We’ve long believed in providing more than regular manufacturing services, which is why we can offer a whole host of additional options. They include:

  • Lamination
  • Staining (to help with identification or to aid aesthetics)
  • Waxing with non-asbestos materials including Novus and Kingersil
  • Graphite powder applications

To discuss these options in more detail, or if you have a requirement you can’t see listed, please contact our sales team today.

How do I place an order?

Orders can be accepted via email, phone or fax. Although we are more than happy to take orders on the phone, we do recommend that customers send any specific, custom requirements in writing, as this will enable us to best assess production times, cost and delivery estimates. We accept payment via wide range of methods, but if you’re an existing customer, you can also apply for a credit account to make ordering as fast as it should be.

Open to small trade

We’re not in the business of selling only to large  firms – we’ve spent many years selling our products to small traders. No matter the size of your order, RH Nuttall will gladly fulfil it.

Can I come and see RH Nuttall?

Although we don’t have a purpose-built trade counter, visits to our premises in Birmingham can be made by appointment, so please call our sales team if you would like to come over and meet the RH Nuttall team.


We stock a huge range of our manufactured products in-house, and because we are regularly called upon to provide both small and large runs, we are able to turn on a sixpence when it comes to delivery. RH Nuttall offers super-fast delivery both UK-wide and internationally. Lead times for delivery will be detailed as part of your quote, and although they are always estimated, we intend to beat them. Custom orders take a little longer to arrive, but can also be exported internationally to countries including the USA, India, France and the UAE.

Why choose RH Nuttall?

Our dedicated team of over 60 people at RH Nuttall’s Birmingham plant work for a business that has remained family-owned and fully independent since 1860. The significant amount of time we have spent in the industry has enabled us to amass a wealth of knowledge and skills that are passed onto every employee. We only use the best materials and invest constantly in the on-going training and development of our staff to ensure they are equipped to deal with modern manufacturing methods.

Manufacturing in the modern age is considerably different to how it was back in 1860, but RH Nuttall has delivered on its promise to remain ahead of the curve and at the forefront of this dynamic, exciting industry. Our huge range of products are built to fit every budget and application and no order is considered ‘too custom’ to be fulfilled. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.