A gasket is a mechanical seal that fills a space between two surfaces or objects.

Gaskets are generally used to prevent leakages between those two or more surfaces be it air or a liquid.

Gaskets from RH Nuttall can be made from a variety of quality materials including: Neoprene Sponge gaskets, PTFE gaskets, Viton gaskets, Klingersil gaskets, Novus gaskets, Silicone gaskets, FEP gaskets, Cork gaskets, Nylon gaskets, Foam gaskets, Rubber gaskets, Neoprene gaskets, EPDM gaskets, Nitrile gaskets, Silicone Sponge gaskets, Vulcanised Fibre gaskets, Ceramic Paper gaskets and more.

Market Leaders in Gasket Manufacturing

RH Nuttall is a strong market leader and a popular choice internationally for quality non-metallic gaskets due to our excellent turnaround times and superior quality. We supply a wide range of industries due to our flexibility in gasket design and gasket materials.

We have the infrastructure to create a one-off fabricated hand-cut gasket, right through to multi-thousand runs for a range of trades and industries.

Specialist gaskets readily available

Gaskets that require specialist features including high temperature functions, waterproof sealing properties, jointing requirements or heavy impact resilience are also readily available.

A gasket for almost any application

Rest assured that whether it’s nitrile gaskets you need to seal against oil, a neoprene gasket for a construction project, or a fibre gasket for sealing in heat in a double glazing application, RH Nuttall has a gasket solution to meet your requirements.

A limitless number of gasket possibilities

We can produce gaskets in a truly limitless number of combinations including different colours, shapes, sizes, thicknesses and more.
Thicknesses can vary from 0.005” to 60mm and gasket sizes can be made up to two metres in size.

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Kisscut Gaskets - RH Nuttall Ltd

Simple and advanced gasket designs

RH Nuttall can manufacture basic gaskets including simple rounds and squares to complicated profiles with many slits, slots, cut-outs and holes to allow for complex components.

Gasket creases and perforations

Creases and perforations can also be added to your gaskets to create a flat ‘net’ for folding into three-dimensional shapes.

Gasket lamination, self adhesion and more

Many of the materials we use for gaskets can be laminated, backed with self-adhesive, aluminium foil encapsulated or dust suppressed. Regardless of your requirements or specification, we have the tooling to meet and often exceed your expectations.

Rubber Gaskets - RH Nuttall Ltd

Stained and embossed gaskets

RH Nuttall can also stain and emboss gaskets for aesthetic and identification purposes.

Nylatron thermal breaks available

RH Nuttall can also manufacture and supply a range of Nylatron thermal breaks for separating external steel work from internal steel work. Contact us to find out more about our Nylatron thermal breaks.

Kiss-cut gaskets available

Certain gaskets, depending on the base material can be provided as kiss-cut gaskets. These adhesive backed gaskets are produced on a roll of release paper and allow you to quickly expose the adhesive.

Want to find out more about our quality gaskets?

If you’ve any questions, or if you wish to find out more about our quality range of gaskets, contact us today to speak with one of our specialists.