RH Nuttall Limited is a popular, trusted and established UK manufacturer and supplier of all closed cell viton sponge washers.

RH Nuttall supplies Viton sponge washers to a vast array of different industrial sectors.

Viton sponge is a high end grade of material for sealing in applications with very tight guidelines.

Viton sponge washers are made from a closed cell structure, and have a skinned layer on both faces. The skin finish aids in structural support with regards to tearing or ripping once the washer is placed in situ. Our range of viton sponge washers are supplied in a black colour.

Viton Sponge Washers - RH Nuttall Ltd

Applications for Viton sponge washers

Viton sponge washers are mainly used when a guaranteed sealing application is of paramount importance. Viton sponge is a more expensive base material, but has the advantages of being resistant to a whole host of fluids, including fuels and acids alike.

Coupled with the impressive qualities noted above, our viton sponge washer range take temperatures of between -25 degrees centigrade and + 200 degrees centigrade making them a perfect choice where fluids are subject to noticeable temperature changes.

Thicknesses of viton sponge washers can be manufactured from 3.2mm, 6.35mm, 9.5mm and 12.7mm.

Self-Adhesive Viton sponge washers

All of our viton sponge washers can have a self-adhesive backing applied and can also be supplied in kiss cut format to aid in speed on production line assembly.

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Small and large quantities of Viton sponge washers

Whether you’re looking to order a small run of Viton washers or a multi-thousand batch of viton sponge washers, RH Nuttall Limited can turn around your order with fast turnaround times.

Standard Viton sponge washers

We currently manufacture viton sponge washers in standard sizes including M5, M6, M7, M8, M10, M12, M16, M20, M30, M40, M50, M63, M75 right up to M100.

Bespoke and custom Viton washers available

RH Nuttall Limited can manufacture viton sponge washers to virtually any shape and size allowing us to cater for, and quickly turn around custom viton sponge washers.

We can produce viton sponge washers with almost any internal diameter, any external diameter and even any thickness depending on your requirements and application.