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RH Nuttall is a leading UK manufacturer of all types and sizes of acetal washers. Acetal is a high-quality engineering grade of plastic, lending itself to a whole host of applications, across a broad spectrum of industrial sectors. Our in-house cutting facilities enable us to manufacture acetal or Delrin® parts in any shape from simple round or square designs, to more bespoke configurations with holes or slots incorporated.

What are the advantages of using acetal washers?

Acetal washers are widely found in both the electronics and automotive trades. Acetal has key attributes within its structure that make it a perfect choice of material for applications where a lightweight and durable, yet cost-effective solution is required. Acetal can be easily die cut to most shapes and is often found within gear and locking systems, wheels, rollers, and cogs. In addition, acetal has a low coefficient of friction making it the perfect robust and hard-wearing solution for applications where moving parts meet, such as wear plates and liners. Having a good impact strength coupled with a high stiffness, acetal is often used as a replacement for metal parts, thus reducing the overall cost within a build.

What’s more, given the great impact strength of acetal, millions of our washers are supplied to the door furnishing trade. With door handles and locks being opened and closed numerous times each day, it is important to have a solution that lasts. With acetal washers having excellent dimensional stability, they lend themselves perfectly to this application.

Our acetal washers are easily turned too, meaning that we supply more than just a range of washers. In addition, we also manufacture a full range of acetal screws, nuts, and bolts for applications that require this solution.

Colours of acetal washers

Traditionally, our range of acetal washers are manufactured in either brilliant white or jet black. Acetal washers and spacers can also be made in different colours; however, this is subject to minimum order requirements of raw material. Please ask a member of our sales team for more information.

Self-adhesive backed acetal washers

At RH Nuttall we manufacture to your requirement, meaning there is no need to compromise an existing product. Our range of washers and spacers can be die cut in both plain form, or with a self-adhesive backing applied to one face. The advantage of having the self-adhesive is naturally dictated by the application, however, often helps as a third hand fixing, enabling the part to remain in place at all times.

Thicknesses of acetal washers

The thickness of the washer is generally dictated by the colour chosen. The vast majority of our acetal washers are supplied in a white colour, which offers a wider range of thickness choice. Thicknesses start from as low as 0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, right up to 3mm. If black acetal washers are required, then we can manufacture these in thickness from 2mm upwards.

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Free samples of acetal washers

At RH Nuttall we believe in the “right first time” approach, so if you have an application in mind, then please feel free to speak to a member of our sales team who may be able to supply a free-of-charge sample of acetal washers to be trialled prior to committing to a bulk order.

Quality of acetal washers

All acetal washers and spacers are manufactured in accordance to our quality standard BS EN ISO9001:2015.

For more information on the acetal grade of material we supply our range of washers from, please feel free to download the acetal datasheet.