RH Nuttall manufacture a complete range of quality products including washersgasketsstripssheetsheetingsealsinsulation and more.

Quality Materials

Each and every product we manufacture is available in a wide selection of non-metallic materials including rubberfoamspongeplasticsceramics and more. We only ever use materials that are designed to last and fit for purpose. Better still, RH Nuttall have also acquired the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 to ensure consistent quality throughout our manufacturing processes ensuring you receive a quality end product every time.

Custom products available

Looking for a custom or bespoke product / component? RH Nuttall often produce runs of custom orders for clients including bespoke sizes, shapes, thickness, colour and more. Contact us to see how we can help you with your custom requirements.

Full range of sizes and shapes

RH Nuttall supply thousands of different components and products in many different sizes, shapes, thicknesses and colours. Browse through the products on our website to see the product ranges available.

Self-Adhesive Backing and Kiss Cut Available

Many of our products and components can be supplied with self-adhesive backing and kiss cut backing for quick and easy use and deployment of components and products. To find out more about our self-adhesive and kiss cut products, contact us.


Generally used for sealing and spacing and distributing the weight of a threaded fastener, washers can be manufactured to a high degree of accuracy in most materials.
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Gaskets are mechanical seals that fill spaces between two objects, generally to prevent leakages whilst under compression.
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Generally used for sealing two surfaces or gaps in specific appliances. RH Nuttall have rotary slitting machines capable of producing special ‘one-off’ requirements in conjunction with multi thousand runs.
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A mechanical seal helps to join systems or components together whilst simultaneously preventing leakage.
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Sheet & Sheeting

RH Nuttall stocks a vast array of sheeting material. Sheets can be offered in any size to suit customer requirements and in any thickness.
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Insulations can refer to materials used to reduce the rate of heat transfer and are ideal to make products more efficient or more effective at retaining heat.
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