RH Nuttall Limited manufactures cork washers, cork gaskets, cork seals, cork strips and cork insulations in the following types of cork. A self-adhesive backing can be added to most cork parts, including cork sheeting, we produce to aid in certain types of customer applications. Furthermore, our cork products can be supplied in a vast range of different types and thicknesses depending on their usage.

Our cork products also cover a broad spectrum of different grades from petrochemical and marine uses to anti-vibration and general engineering solution types.

Cork is a good gasket material due to its impenetrability and resilience qualities. The main characteristics that make cork such a popular choice in washers, gaskets, strips and insulations are listed below.

  • Extremely durable and hard wearing
  • Fire retardant
  • Excellent insulating qualities due to its thermal and acoustic properties.
  • Outstanding water tight and air tight sealing properties
  • Flexible and elastic

Furthermore our cork products can be combined with numerous synthetic rubber compounds to enhance the sealing properties already portrayed by cork alone. Cork can be bonded with rubber compounds such as neoprene or nitrile resulting in even higher capabilities.

Certain grades can offer more resistance to fluids as well as a high temperature prevail. The different grades of cork we offer are detailed below.

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Cork Sheeting

At RH Nuttall Limited, whether it is a full roll, a certain length or a cut piece, we can offer you huge savings on other leading stockists. We offer cork sheeting in all of the materials listed below.

CC2040 – Nitrile Bonded Cork

This is a firm rubber cork material suitable for medium bolt pressure with good flexibility and resilience. The physical characteristics along with good fuel and oil resistance make this a high qualified material for automotive and industrial gaskets (gas meter).

CC2020 Neoprene/Nitrile Bonded Cork

Excellent general-purpose gasket material, its toughness and good compressibility characteristics make it highly satisfactory in a very wide range of applications. The material has a very low swelling in oils and fuels, which makes it especially suitable for transformer applications.

CC2015 Neoprene Bonded Cork

This is a firm neoprene material suitable for high/medium bolt pressure, with good flexibility and resilience. The physical characteristics along with good fuel, solvent and oil resistance, make this a high qualified material for industrial and transformer gaskets.

General Roll Sizes

Cork is generally supplied in 10 metre rolls from 1mm up to 6mm thick, however cut pieces are available upon request. RH Nuttall Limited has a large stock of cork sheet material. We supply a wide range of commercial and industrial sectors including other gasket cutters, construction organisations, leisure complexes as well as private individuals.

Please note that information supplied by RH Nuttall Limited is given to the best of their knowledge, and should be for guidance purposes only. Data supplied is dependent on a specific application and is ultimately the customer’s own decision. If in doubt click here to ask one of our members of staff for advice. Information supplied will vary between different grades of cork.