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RH Nuttall Limited manufacture vulcanised fibre washers, vulcanised fibre sheet, vulcanised fibre gaskets, vulcanised fibre seals, and vulcanised fibre strip.

We also hold a vast range of vulcanised fibre sheeting. RH Nuttall Limited stock all main thicknesses of fibre sheet ranging from 0.4mm, 0.8mm, 1mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, up to 3mm thick fibre sheet.

The majority of fibre sheet and fibre washers we supply are in red fibre sheet or black fibre sheet.

Both red fibre washers and black fibre washers are standard components within our range.

Fibre washers can be made to any specific bespoke dimensions as well as standard M3, M4, M5, M6, M10, M12, M20, and M36 sizes.

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Due to the excellent characteristics and properties of vulcanised fibre it has historically made it such a popular and versatile material choice in a multitude of industrial sectors. At RH Nuttall Limited we currently supply our products to the automotive, electrical, lighting, manufacturing, glazing, knife liners and construction industries. Vulcanised fibre also has a very good bonding surface.

The process of making vulcanised fibre is complex and briefly involves the saturation of cotton paper with zinc chloride. The zinc chloride enables the cellulose structure of the cotton to swell and once pressed together begins to form a bond. The zinc chloride is then slowly leached out of the material on steam drums to leave the finished product with 5 to 6 percent moisture content. This is then pressed to form flat sheet. The final product is a homogeneous piece and nearly a 100 percent cellulose mass, free from any matter.

We supply vulcanised fibre sheet, washers and gaskets in black, red, light grey and blue/grey. Please note that colour required will depend on the thickness. We also stock a range of 1/2″ and 3/4″ BSP fibre washers for plumbing applications. All imperial as well as metric fibre washer sizes can be manufactured no matter how large or small your requirements. Please note that the thickest vulcanised fibre sheet, washer or gasket we can offer is up to 3mm. We cannot produce anything over this thickness.

Please do not confuse vulcanised fibre sheeting with fibreboard sheeting as they are not the same product. Fibreboard is a type of engineered wood product that is made of wood fibres.

General Properties and Characteristics

Electrical Insulation Strong
Sea water corrosion Strong
Tear Strength Strong
Sunlight Strong
Abrasion Resistance Strong
Oils, Organic Solvents Strong
Petroleum Derivatives Strong

Synthetic Vulcanised Fibre

At RH Nuttall Limited we supply a range of washers, gaskets, seals, strips and sheeting in a synthetic vulcanised fibre. Many of the properties remain the same as listed above, however, this type of material is only to be used where fluids aren’t present. Over time this material may delaminate if in contact with any fluid type. This type of material is a slightly cheaper alternative to what we offer above and is suitable in applications including automotive spacers, glazing packers between glass and metal to prevent abrasion and the packing in the construction of balustrades. For more information or a data sheet on this type of fibre please click here to contact one of our sales team.

Vulcanised Fibre Sheeting

At RH Nuttall Limited, whether it is a full sheet, a certain length or a cut piece, we can offer you huge savings on other leading stockists. We offer vulcanised fibre sheeting in both material types listed above.

RH Nuttall Limited has a large stock of vulcanised fibre sheet material. We supply a wide range of commercial and industrial sectors including other gasket cutters, construction organisations, glazing fitters as well as private individuals.

Both of the vulcanised fibre types listed above are available in cut pieces or complete sheet. Sheet sizes and colour vary depending on the specific grade of fibre. Please click here to ask a member of our sales team for advice.

General Sheet Sizes (Dependent on Grade & Colour)

0.4mm 60mts 690mm
0.8mm 2000mm 1000mm
1mm 2000mm 1000mm
1.5mm 2000mm 1000mm
1.6mm 2200mm 1275mm
2mm 2200mm 1275mm
2.5mm 2200mm 1275mm
3mm 2200mm 1275mm

Please note that information supplied by RH Nuttall Limited is given to the best of their knowledge, and should be for guidance purposes only. Data supplied is dependent on a specific application and is ultimately the customer’s own decision. If in doubt click here to ask one of our members of staff for advice. Information supplied will vary between different grades of vulcanised fibre. Details of sheet sizes are the stock levels when issued. Please ask a member of our sales team for a more accurate sheet size if critical