RH Nuttall is the leading manufacturer and supplier of all cork pads. Our cork pads are custom made to suit any application, and regardless of the size of bespoke cork pad you are looking for, we can deliver both quickly and in accordance with our high quality standards. Our range of pads come in different types of cork base material, depending on the application and finish required.
Both resin-bonded cork parts and nitrile bonded cork pads are manufactured in-house by our team in Birmingham. These forms of industrial cork can be supplied to any size, or shape, and we can apply a self-adhesive backing to one face of most cork pads we produce.

Our cork pads are supplied into a diverse range of industrial sectors and are put to use in a whole host of applications including hot drink coasters, ornament pads, footwear enhancement pads, notice board pads, pin board cork pads and cork mouse mat pads.

Cork pads (often referred to as cork tiles) have excellent anti-vibrational properties, are flexible yet resilient and act as great acoustic and thermal insulators. Cork has excellent resistance to oil and fuel and is an economical choice of material from which to cut pads.

Thicknesses of cork pads

Our cork pads can be made from the following thicknesses:


While we hold most of these thicknesses in stock, certain increments might be subject to a minimum order being purchased.

Sizes of cork pads

All of our cork pads are made to measure, which means there is no need to compromise your application with something that doesn’t fit. Our cork pads are generally made in the following shapes

  • Square section cork pads – can have radius corners.
  • Rectangular cork pads – can have radius corners.
  • Round or circular cork pads – sometimes known as ‘cork dots’.

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Sizes vary depending on the application, but our automated machinery can make items as required to whatever shape, size, or thickness you require. Our common runs of cork pads include the following:

  • 10mm x 10mm
  • 20mm x 10mm
  • 30mm x 10mm
  • 50mm x 50mm
  • 100mm x 100mm

However, any shape, length or width of cork pad can be accommodated. Simple round or circular cork pads can also be produced, as well as made to measure cork pads with holes or slots to act as mounts.

Self-adhesive cork pads

Our range of cork pads come either plain or can have a self-adhesive applied to one or both faces. We stock three types of adhesive backings depending on the desired application:

Low tack – a semi-permanent adhesive backing that can be applied to any cork pad. Commonly used when transporting metal goods where the cork pad or buffer needs to be quickly removed upon arrival.

Medium tack – a universal adhesive we use for the majority of our cork pads. This has a good grab strength but can be removed if force is applied.
High tack – a strong adhesive which is generally used when the cork pad needs to remain in situ.

Our cork pads can be supplied in individual pieces, or kiss-cut onto strip or coil. Please speak to our sales team for more information about this process. Samples are available on request.

Why choose RH Nuttall?

RH Nuttall is a family-owned and operated business situated in the heart of Birmingham. Having been in the manufacturing industry since 1860, we know how to build products that last and always deliver in timescales that help our customers meet deadlines, while staying comfortably within budget.

We can accept large, multi-line orders as well as smaller requests from single trades, so whatever your requirements, get in touch with our friendly sales team today by calling 0121 359 2484.