RH Nuttall manufactures a wide range of quality foam strip and foam tape.

Foam strip can be made from a range of base materials including silicone strip, neoprene strip, EPDM strip, Polyethylene strip and food quality strips.

Closed cell or open cell foam strips

All foam strip manufactured at RH Nuttall are supplied as square section products and are available in both closed cell strip and open cell strip depending on the requirements and the desired application.

Popular uses for foam strip

Foam strip is an ideal material for sealing between joints where compression is required to aid in preventing moisture or airflow from penetrating.

Our foam strip will compress approximately 30% from its original state, however this is determined by a large number of factors including force applied, surface area and density of foam (open cell or closed cell).

Expanding foam strip / tape

Expanding foam strip and expanding foam tape is also readily available. Expanding foam tape is made from a quality pre-compressed Polyurethane foam with the adhesive tape applied to one side. Supplied in a black colour, expanding foam strip can be supplied in specific lengths and can be supplied as complete rolls depending on your requirements.

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Full range of foam strip available

  • Our full range of foam strip and foam tape includes the following:
  • Foam Strip
  • Neoprene foam strip / Neoprene Sponge Strip
  • EPDM foam strip / EPDM sponge strip
  • Nitrile strip / PVC strip
  • Viton sponge strip
  • Silicone sponge strip
  • Expanding foam tape

Self-adhesive foam strip

All of the above foam strips are available with or without self-adhesive backing designed to make installation and application quicker and more efficient.

Foam strips available in custom lengths and widths

Foam strips can be manufactured in lengths and widths to suit your requirements and specifications. Foam strip can be provided in specific sizes or supplied as a full roll.

Specialist slitting equipment

RH Nuttall have recently invested heavily in new, state of the art slitting equipment allowing us to produce sponge strip for a vast range of different industries including construction, glazing, food industry and automotive trades.

As a result of our new investment we’ve quickly become a marker leader in producing quality foam strip quickly and accurately.

ISO certified foam strip

All our foam sponge square section and foam strip is produced in accordance to our quality accreditation of ISO9001:2000.

Supplying a diverse variety of markets including aerospace, automotive, Ministry of Defence, construction, glazing as well as private individuals, RH Nuttall Limited are proud to boast the quality products we produce.

Whether it is an anti-vibration application, a sealing requirement or a simple anti-abrasion strip you are after, we are more than capable of supplying. Fully equipped to cater for small, medium and large scale runs, all of our products can be supplied in coil, length or pre-cut length to suit a certain application. RH Nuttall Limited also have the facility to apply a self-adhesive backing to any foam strip product we produce.

Our stripping facilities allow us to produce both plain foam strips as well as all foam tape products in coils to any given length and from widths of 3mm upwards and thicknesses from 1.5mm right up to 50mm. Furthermore, most base materials are held in stock and therefore our foam strip products can be turned around immediately.

Our more common runs of foam strip happen to be both Neoprene foam strip as well as EPDM foam strip. Both materials are held in stock in almost every thickness. EPDM strips like Neoprene strip are both blown rubber products that have encapsulated the pockets of air within their unique closed cell structure allowing them both to portray characteristics of repelling any air and water passing through them. Please feel free to ask a member of our sales tea for any more information as to which foam strip product is most suited to your specific application.