RH Nuttall is an established manufacturer and supplier of quality vulcanised fibre strip to almost any shape and size.

Our range of vulcanised fibre strip is extensive with a multitude of different grades, colours and thicknesses of fibre readily available.

Vulcanised fibre acts as a cost effective solution to separation of touching parts.

Being non-compressible in nature, vulcanised fibre allows, normally metal or glass parts, to be parted from rubbing or chaffing whilst simultaneously being able to be tightened down onto.

Our vulcanised fibre strips are able to take 100 degrees centigrade in temperature and certain grades are available in WRAS approved variants.

Leading Supplier of Vulcanised Fibre Strip

We are fast becoming the market leader in the mass production, and supply of fibre strips to a range of industries both inside and outside of the UK.

Vulcanised fibre strips play a crucial part in sealing and spacing throughout a multitude of different industrial sectors.

When you need a product to seal against water leakage or ingress, then vulcanised fibre must be considered.

Vulcanised fibre strips can be supplied in different colours ranging from black and red, to sometimes including a blue/grey colour depending on the thickness.

Thicknesses of our vulcanised fibre strips can be from:

  • 0.4mm
  • 0.8mm
  • 1mm
  • 1.5mm
  • 2mm
  • 2.5mm
  • and right up to 3mm

but this normally depends on our stock of base material at any given time, as well as the choice of vulcanised fibre you require your strip to be made from.

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Samples of our fibre strips can be made and sent off to you free of charge to test on your application prior to committing to a bulk order.

In house facilities allow us to insert holes or slots into the vulcanised fibre strip for bolts or screws to be fitted through. We also offer fibre strip in a cheaper grade of vulcanised fibre too. This is normally provided where a spacer is required and no fluids are apparent. Mainly used within the glazing or knife making trade, our range of “synthetic fibre strips” provides a perfect choice of spacer/packer when separation of parts is required. Vulcanised fibre strips are non compressible, making them very versatile in their use.

Cut to Size Vulcanized Fibre Strip

Custom made fibre strips are manufactured by RH Nuttall Limited. If you have a certain application that needs a certain width and thickness then we offer an in house facility to cut this for you.

Thicknesses and Colours of Vulcanised Fibre Strips

Below is a list of colours and thicknesses that we currently manufacture our range of vulcanised fibre strips from:-

  • 0.4mm Thick – Blue/Grey
  • 0.8mm Thick – Red or Black
  • 1mm Thick – Red or Black
  • 1.5mm Thick – Red or Black
  • 2mm Thick – Red or Black
  • 2.5mm Thick – Red
  • 3mm Thick – Red or Black

Please be sure to mention your application. Too often we are seeing the synthetic grade of vulcanised fibre being supplied within the trade, and parts failing.

At RH Nuttall we pride ourselves on a quality product that is right for your specific application.


Vulcanised fibre strips can be supplied with a self-adhesive backing to aid in third hand fixing if required