RH Nuttall Limited manufacturers a wide range of cork washers. Cork washers can be supplied in any shape from simple round or square designs to a bespoke configuration with numerous holes and or slots across the flange.

Our cork washers are frequently supplied to a vast array of different industrial sectors from simple engineering grades to industries requiring a high-level sealing applications.

Cork washers can be supplied in any shape from common round or square designs to more bespoke configurations with numerous holes or slots across the flange of the washer.

Applications for cork washers

Our range of cork washers are both durable and robust meaning that they can be used throughout a vast array of circumstances.

Often found on generators or compressors, our cork washers offer excellent solutions to reverberation and anti-vibration issues.

Furthermore, our cork washers can also be used when sealing against certain petrochemical environments.

Cork Washers - RH Nuttall Ltd

Cork washers come in a variety of thicknesses meaning that they can be tailored to any given application you may have in mind. Cork washers offer excellent physical properties and certain grades seal against oil and fuel making them a good choice when sealing in presses and general machinery.

The anti-vibration properties of our range of cork washers also lend themselves to numerous applications including isolation of vibration from heavy and noisy machinery. Cork material dampens the noise level and can be adapted into washers to aid in sealing around certain nuts, bolts or feet that may need this.

Thicknesses of cork washers can be manufactured from 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm.

Cork Washers - RH Nuttall Ltd

Types of cork washer

Our range of cork washers come in a multitude of different grades to suit individual needs:

Neoprene Bonded

General purpose grade, recommended for medium to high bolt pressure due to its more rigid and firm nature. Resistant to fuels and oils.

Nitrile Bonded

Economical grade, recommended for low to medium bolt pressure due to its flexibility and compression.

Resin Bonded

Agglomerated cork composition material with a polyurethane binder and varying densities of cork granules available. This makes this cork suitable for washers in expansion joints.

Over the past few years RH Nuttall Limited have invested heavily in new, state of the art, automated machinery allowing them to produce our cork washer range for a vast amount of different industries which include construction, home appliances, architectural, and automotive trades.

Self-Adhesive cork washers available

RH Nuttall Limited also have the facility to apply a self-adhesive backing to any cork washer product we produce. Furthermore, most base materials are held in stock and therefore our cork products can be turned around immediately. Cork washers are also readily available in bonded variants such as nitrile bonded cork washers and neoprene bonded cork washers.

Standard cork washers

We currently manufacture cork washers in standard sizes including M3, M4, M5, M6, M7, M8, M10, M12, M16, M20, M30, M40, M50, M63, M75 right up to M100.

Custom cork washers also available

RH Nuttall Limited can manufacture cork washers to virtually any shape and size allowing us to cater for, and quickly turn around custom cork washers.

We can produce cork washers with almost any internal diameter, any external diameter and even any thickness depending on your requirements and application.