RH Nuttall Limited supply a wide range of parts in expanded closed cell polyethylene, Alveolit® foam, including alveolit washers, alveolit gaskets, alveolit seals, alveolit insulation, alveolit strip and alveolit sheet. Furthermore, a self-adhesive backing can be applied to one or both faces to aid in the application process. Alveolit pads are readily available and can be cut to custom sizes. Foam pads are widely used throughout the packaging process to help avoid damage during transport.

Due to the superb temperature prevailing properties (-80°C to +100°C) coupled with its light weight nature and durability, Alveolit® foam is generally used within the construction and automotive trades. It is also a very good choice of material for gap filling and weathering applications due to its negligible water absorption characteristics.

Alveolit® is available in dark grey or white

General Characteristics

  • Closed cell cross linked structure making it impermeable to air and water and therefore an ideal material for sealing against air and/or water.
  • Relatively cheap.
  • Good temperature resistance.
  • Light weight and durable.

Alveolit® is the registered trademark of Alveo Sekisui.