RH Nuttall is a family-owned and operated business based in the heart of Birmingham. Our experienced in-house team has helped us build a reputation as a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality washers made from a wide selection of premium materials.

A quick glance to the left of this page will demonstrate just how many materials we work with, and our extremely competitive pricing means you’ll typically find huge savings when placing an order with RH Nuttall compared to other stockists.

We can ship quickly to both domestic and international destinations, and we’re just as at home providing large runs for big firms as we are fulfilling smaller orders from small trades.

RH Nuttall is a manufacturer and supplier of quality leather gaskets. We have the facilities to be able to manufacture leather gaskets to virtually any specification, shape or size to match your requirements. Our range of leather gaskets is extensive meaning a range of thicknesses and colours are readily available for immediate dispatch.

Only quality leather used

Our quality Leather gaskets are made from tanned cattle hide. The processing of the leather ensures the leather is stable and neutralises the risk of putrefy to ensure the leather gaskets are fit for purpose and are made to last.

Uses for leather gaskets

Leather has a broad range of uses and is use across many different industries such as fashion and fishing. Leather can also find itself used as an ideal material for sump and pump seals. Due to the flexibility and durability of the material, leather gaskets were one of the original products used to create hydraulic seals as it’s a resilient material, perfect for withstanding heavy amounts of torque and manipulation.

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Thicknesses of leather gaskets available

At RH Nuttall, we have in house skiving facilities to produce leather gaskets in virtually any thickness. Our pre-cut leather hides are nominally 6mm in thickness, but gaskets can be supplied as 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm and 5mm leather gaskets also.

The skiing process gives the leather gaskets a clean finish on one side of the gasket to provide the perfect seal.

Colours of leather gaskets available

Whilst leather is a natural cattle hide material, we can offer our leather gaskets in a range of colours to suit your applications. Leather gaskets are normally skived on one side and therefore portray a brown or black colour to one face, however leather gaskets can be supplied in a range of colours on the opposite side.

Leather gaskets can be supplied in the following 6 colours:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Honey
  • Aged
  • Red
  • Green

Applications for leather gaskets

Leather gaskets are popular throughout a whole range of industries; from fashion, metal polishing and pipeline industries through to the bicycle trade. RH Nuttall provides bespoke leather gaskets to the handbag trade as well as the clothing trade. Traditional leather bicycle seats and leather handle bar grips are also manufactured by RH Nuttall.

BSP leather gaskets

A full range of BSP leather gaskets are also manufactured from our quality raw leather material. Being the largest stockist of leather within the gasket industry allows us to produce bespoke and standard BSP leather gaskets with a fast turnaround time.

BSP leather gaskets are available from 1 inch, 2 inch and 3 inch BSP. Leather straps and leather belts can also be manufactured with our in-house cutting facility.

Embossed leather gaskets

RH Nuttall can provide leather gaskets with an embossed logo or name to suit a particular application.

Tooling can be produced with bespoke lettering to allow for this to happen throughout the cutting process. This is particularly important if your product is branded.

Free leather gasket samples

Samples of our leather gaskets can be made and sent off to you free of charge to test on your application prior to committing to a bulk order. Even if you have a custom shape or size, normally tooling is inexpensive and samples can be produced at extremely cost effective prices.

Bespoke leather gaskets

Bespoke leather gaskets are manufactured by RH Nuttall Limited. If you have a certain application then we can accommodate tooling to suit. Whether it is a plain shape or a more intricate gasket with holes or slots then these can be produced too.