RH Nuttall Limited supply a wide range of parts in expanded closed cell nitrile/PVC foam including PVC / nitrile washersPVC / nitrile gasketssealsinsulationPVC / nitrile strips and PVC / nitrile sheeting. Furthermore, a self-adhesive backing can be applied to one or both faces to aid in the application process.

Due to the superb temperature prevailing properties of nitrile/PVC foam (-40°C to +116°C) it is generally used within the automotive, electronic and construction trades. It is also a very good material for oil sealing gaskets as well as anti-vibration and cushioning applications.

We supply nitrile/PVC foam rubber strips to many organisations as well as private individuals. Self-adhesive backing can be added to any nitrile/PVC foam strip. Nitrile/PVC foam strips provide excellent seals in a whole host of applications. RH Nuttall Limited frequently supply a range of plain or self-adhesive backed expanded nitrile/PVC foam strip to solve issues such as air flow control, cushioning, water leakage and anti vibration problems. Furthermore, due to the fantastic properties of closed cell Nitrile/PVC foam it means that the sealing strip functions will not fail over prolonged exposure on a specific application.

Nitrile/PVC foam parts can also be supplied in a slow recovery cell structure if required.

General Characteristics

  • Closed cell structure making it impermeable to air and water and therefore an ideal material for sealing against air and/or water.
  • Superb heat absorption.
  • Good oil and weather resistance.
  • Good UV, and air resistance.
  • Fireproof – Class O
  • Strong thermal and acoustic insulating properties.