RH Nuttall is a leading manufacturer and supplier of all types of rubber U channel. Extruded to size, U channel can be supplied in a variety of compounds and is also available in multiple colours.

Rubber U channel seal comes in an extruded profiled section, and is used throughout the automotive, plumbing and construction trades to act as a cushion and buffer to hold glass panels or protect against rough edges.

Rubber extruded U channelling is an excellent choice of product where the mounting of glass is required.

Acting as a buffer and cushioning around the glass, it enables the application to form a tight seal whilst at the same time reducing noise transfer.

From edge trims, cosmetic finishes and rubber mounting to more bespoke weather stripping and bumper seals, RH Nuttall can deliver a quality product every time.

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Compounds that our rubber U channel is manufactured from:

  • Neoprene Rubber U channel
  • EPDM Rubber U channel
  • Nitrile Rubber U channel
  • Silicone Rubber U channel

Compounds are selected depending on the nature of the application. Neoprene rubber U channels are commonly used on external applications where weather stripping is required. Neoprene rubber has excellent UV and ozone resistance and won’t perish under normal weather conditions. Likewise, EPDM rubber U channels are often found around the base of shower screens, cushioning the sometimes sharp edge of the glass panel and allowing it to act as a perfect cosmetic and water seal.

Our range of nitrile rubber U channel profiled extrusions often get used within the automotive industry when sealing screens around certain types of oils, petrols and chemicals.
Furthermore, silicone rubber U channels are often found in edging of home appliances such as fires, ovens, and cookers, acting as a perfect seal around metal parts, whilst simultaneously protecting against heat transfer.

Rubber U channel extrusion process:

Our range of rubber U channel extrusions are manufactured differently to our select range of rubber mouldings. Rubber compounds are selected, and the extruded part is heated and forced, under pressure, through a die tool of the specified shape required. The finished U channel section is often unvulcanised prior to being extruded leaving it malleable and soft upon completion. A vulcanisation process on the uncured rubber extrusion is undertaken prior to the finished item being coiled or cut to length, before it’s deemed fit for purpose.

Bespoke and standard sizes of rubber U channel available:

At RH Nuttall we take design very seriously, and that means you’ll always get the exact part to suit your application. Standard sections of rubber U channel are readily available to buy, but more bespoke extruded sections are equally available. The benefit of buying bespoke rubber extruded U channel direct from a manufacturer is that you’ll pay a relatively low tooling fee compared to having to a more expensive moulding tool, which can make jobs cost-prohibitive.

U channel sections can be square, circular or rectangular in nature. Ranging from as small as 1.5mm, right up to and including 75mm, all shapes and sizes are catered for.

Applications and uses of U channel rubber profile:

  • Shower screen seals.
  • White goods industry – Oven door seals, base seals.
  • Fire door seals.
  • Automotive – Car door and window seals.
  • Glazing seals within construction.
  • Inspection chamber seals.
  • Lighting seals.
  • Food appliance seals – FDA approved materials.
  • Pharmaceutical industry seals.
  • Marine – underwater seals in hatches on submarines.
  • Mass transit – seals on buses, London underground and trains
  • And many more.