RH Nuttall is a leading manufacturer and supplier of all types of foam pads. Our foam pads are made from a range of colours, and can be die cut to precise dimensions to suit any application. The foam pads we supply can be either plain or self-adhesive backed on one or both faces.

We manufacture our pads from thicknesses ranging from 1mm right up to 50mm and can tailor them to suit your needs. Our foam is predominantly supplied in a closed cell structure, however is also readily available in open cell foam or semi-open cell foam formats, too.

Materials from which we manufacture our foam pads:

We call on a huge range of base materials from which we make our bespoke open cell and closed cell foam pads.

Dictated entirely by the customer’s intended application, we often get asked to produce from the following base materials:

Polyethylene foam pads (PE foam) – rigid and strong in appearance and various colours.

Lightweight with a good temperature prevail. Used in sectors including packaging, floats, outdoor pursuits and knee supports. Also available in different densities.

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Polyether foam pads – lightweight, flexible and cheap. Open cell in structure. Used in sectors such as medical and the sports industry where vibration deadening and sound absorption are essential. Compressible and often used as a low cost option for cushioning and protection. Available in a wide spectrum of colours.

Polyester foam pads – lightweight open cell form of polyurethane foam. Cost effective sealing/filtering. Similar to polyether, but has numerous closed cells within its structure.
Available in a charcoal colour. Ideal for cushioning and reticulation. Higher tensile strength compared to polyether.

Colours of foam pads

The foam pads manufactured on-site at RH Nuttall come in a variety of different colours:

  • Polyethylene foam pads – black (charcoal), blue, red, green and white.
  • Polyether foam pads – black (charcoal),
  • Polyester foam pads – black, blue, red and yellow

Every foam base material colour above is held in stock, but might be limited to certain thicknesses and minimum orders of certain colours may also apply. The vast majority of our pads are produced in either white foam or black foam.

Thicknesses of sponge rubber pads

Our foam comes in a variety of thicknesses. Split from a single master block, we can usually manufacture to any thickness required, however we normally do this in 1mm increments. Common thicknesses include the following:

  • 1mm
  • 1.5mm
  • 2mm
  • 3mm
  • 4mm
  • 5mm
  • 6mm
  • 8mm
  • 10mm
  • 12mm
  • 15mm
  • 20mm
  • 25mm
  • 30mm
  • 50mm

The majority of the above thicknesses of foam base material are held in stock and are in black, medium density with a closed cell range structure, however different colours and densities are available on request.