RH Nuttall Limited manufacture and is a leading supplier of a large range of leather washers, leather gaskets, and leather strips for numerous industrial sectors and applications include water pipe seals, push bike handle bar gaskets and strips, as well as gaskets in hydraulic systems. Our leather washers are available in any size and shape. The leather we purchase is direct from horse saddle manufacturers and we believe the best quality available within this country. Furthermore, our leather comes with a skin layer on one side to add to the reputation of product supplied.

Leather is a material made through the tanning of hides and skins of animals, primarily cattle hide. The tanning process converts the protein of the decomposing skin into a durable, and multifaceted natural material. The reason RH Nuttall Limited uses the best quality tanned hides to produce its washers and gaskets is due to the nature of their application.

When raw hides are tanned they dry out to leave a durable and flexible material that will no putrefy when wetted back.

This is particularly important in pipework applications.

Furthermore, as our leather washers and gaskets are robust and durable it has given rise to requirements to applications within the metal polishing trade. Our leather can be oiled to preserve its lifespan and suppleness.

This adds to the natural oils remaining in the leather itself, which can be washed out through repeated exposure to water.

Frequent oiling of leather, with mink oil or neatsfoot oil is generally advised.

We produce leather washers, leather gaskets, leather seals, and leather strip in thicknesses from 2mm up to 6mm. Our range of BSP washers are supplied in 3mm and 5mm.

We also have a leather splitting facility available and can therefore produce our leather components in any desired thickness.

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