RH Nuttall Limited manufactures and supplies EPDM rubber strip to almost any width and thickness. Our range of solid EPDM rubber strip is extensive with a multitude of different grades and hardnesses of EPDM rubber readily available.

We are fast becoming the market leader in the mass production, and supply of solid EPDM rubber strip, not only within the UK, but throughout the world too. Solid EPDM rubber strip plays a crucial part in sealing and spacing throughout a multitude of different industrial sectors.

EPDM rubber has excellent resistance to acids; water based chemicals as well as steam. EPDM rubber should be used when sealing against ingress of water. Furthermore, its moderate tear strength gives it added value when acting as buffer seals when trying to reduce shock and vibration.

Applications of solid EPDM Rubber strip

Our common range of EPDM rubber strip has very good durability, as is a solid section as opposed to its blown variant of EPDM sponge. Solid EPDM rubber is very useful in sealing where two heavy surfaces are to be pushed together.

Being a solid form of rubber, and impervious to water, EPDM rubber acts as a barrier between the two surfaces, not allowing anything to pass through its structure.

Used frequently within the construction trade for sealing external projects from the elements, EPDM rubber strip is also found in the shower equipment or garden furniture industries where being subject to water is frequent.

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RH Nuttall Limited is one of a handful of manufacturing companies left within the UK that can produce the size you actually require for your design. Moreover, our prices and lead times are always kept to a minimum, and we offer fantastic savings for bulk orders over any other stockist online.

Grades of EPDM Rubber strip

RH Nuttall can manufacture EPDM rubber strips from various hardnesses of base material. Shore hardnesses of between 60sh and 70sh are standard stock items.

The higher the shore hardness of the base material, the harder the EPDM rubber becomes.

This is important on certain appliances where to gain a perfect water tight seal, the base material must have a slight give when parts are tightened up.

EPDM rubber sealing strips can also be supplied in WRC or WRAS versions, making them suitable to be used on appliances where human consumption may occur.

Fully tested to meet strict guidelines, our WRAS EPDM strips provide excellent seals within the bathroom and shower industries.

Thicknesses of our EPDM rubber strips can be from 0.8mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm and right up to 30mm in thickness, but this normally depends on our stock of base material at any given time, as well as the hardnesses and grade of EPDM rubber required.

EPDM rubber strips are supplied in black or white and can come with or without a self-adhesive backing to one face.

Large and small volumes of EPDM Rubber strip

At RH Nuttall Limited we offer EPDM rubber strip from small one off batches to multi thousand metre runs. State of the art slitting machinery allows for widths of solid EPDM rubber strips to start from 3mm wide, and we are capable of producing sections up to and including one metre wide.

At RH Nuttall Limited we firmly believe that your product shouldn’t be compromised with an EPDM rubber strip or seal that just isn’t suitable for your application.

Free of charge samples of EPDM Rubber strip

Samples of our EPDM rubber strips can be made and sent off to you free of charge to test on your application prior to committing to a bulk order.

Custom made EPDM Rubber strip parts

Bespoke EPDM rubber strips are also manufactured by RH Nuttall. If you have a certain application that doesn’t lend itself to a standard size of EPDM rubber strip, then why not try enquiring today for the exact size you require.

At RH Nuttall Limited we can produce cut lengths to fit a particular design. Our in house cutting facility allows us to produce EPDM rubber pads in a square or rectangular section to any given length or width.