RH Nuttall manufacture a range of products from a wide range of premium and materials including rubberplasticsfoamspongeleatherfeltcorkceramicsfabric and more.


RH Nuttall stocks a vast range of rubber materials including natural rubber, neoprene rubber, nitrile rubber and more. Rubber is popular due to its highly resistant properties to chemicals including oil and petrol and has a high resistance to extreme temperatures.
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Foam & Sponge

Foam and sponge materials are ideal for a number of applications including air and water filtration, draught sealing solutions, sound deadening, thermal insulation, cushioning, sealing, packaging and more.
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RH Nuttall stocks a wide selection of plastics including polythene, nylon, polypropylene, polyethylene, PTFE and more. Plastic materials are suitable for many high temperature and chemical resistance applications.
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Compressed Non Asbestos

Compressed non asbestos materials including klingersil and novus are highly suitable for high temperature and chemical resistance applications. Our compressed non asbestos materials can also be supplied in a variety of colours.
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Fabric & Cloth

Our fabric and cloth materials are useful in a range of applications including speaker grilles, and padding to protect solid wood and polished floor surfaces. Our fabric and cloth materials are also available in a range of colours.
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Cork is a material that is highly suited to several applications due to its range of properties including extreme durability, resistance to fire and flexibility.
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Felt is a highly versatile material and can be used for many applications and industries including automotive and construction industries. Felt is also often used in musical instruments. It is also used heavily in the construction industry.
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Leather materials are suitable for a number of applications including numerous industrial sectors and applications such as water pipe seals, push bike handle bar gaskets and strips, as well as gaskets in hydraulic systems.
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Electrical Insulation

Electrical or dielectric insulations are usually manufactured from a material that restricts the flow of electric current. They intend to support or separate the electrical conductors without passing a current through themselves.
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Vulcanised Fibre

Due to the excellent characteristics and properties of vulcanised fibre it has historically made it such a popular and versatile material choice in a multitude of industrial sectors.
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Other materials

Take a look at our range of miscellaneous materials including graphite foil and gasket paper.
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Each of the materials we stock is specifically chosen for its strengths in particular real world applications. This ensures that you have the best product made from the most suitable material. Our quality materials are then manufactured in to a range of products including washersgasketssealsstrips and insulation.