Nylatron is a trade name for nylon that is filled with molybdenum disulfide lubricant. RH Nuttall manufacture nylatron sheet, nylatron washers, nylatron thermal breaks, nylatron plates, nylatron gaskets, nylatron seals, and nylatron strip. Components are normally supplied in Nylatron GS which makes it stiffer, harder and more dimensionally stable than traditional Nylon.

Possessing a high mechanical strength, and fatigue resistance, Nylatron is most suited to applications where a medium load of moving parts is apparent. Its high mechanical damping ability coupled with its strong sliding properties make it a popular choice in conveyor belt trades. Furthermore, our Nylatron washers and gaskets have a good wear resistance as well as electrical insulating properties. A self-adhesive backing can be applied to one or both faces if needed.

Nylatron GS Nylon is a nylon and molybdenum disulphide (MoS2) composition designed to improve the mechanical, thermal and bearing properties of type 6/6 nylon while maintaining its basic electrical and chemical characteristics. Through compounding, finely divided particles impart extra lubricity to this nylon, permitting Nylatron GS parts to operate with little or no lubrication.

The added lubricity also contributes dramatically to component service life, making Nylatron GS a very cost-efficient choice. Nylatron GS nylon offers greater wear resistance, lower surface friction, higher strength and greater rigidity than unfilled 6/6 with improved dimensional stability.

Nylatron Thermal Breaks and Plates

With the constant introduction of new machinery RH Nuttall Limited have established themselves as a leading manufacturer and supplier of nylatron thermal breaks (also known as nylatron thermal plates and gaskets) to the building and construction trades. Nylatron thermal breaks create a barrier between internal and external steelwork structures including items such as balconies and therefore are excellent at ‘cold bridging’. Nylatron gaskets can provide an excellent solution to many construction issues and for any more information please feel free to contact a member of our sales team.

General Characteristics

  • Low coefficient of friction – Nylatron is suitable for most moving parts allowing them to glide over surfaces smoothly and with less effort. Suitable for bearings, gears and most sliding parts.
  • Excellent dielectric properties – Nylatron is suitable for electrical insulators.
  • Good abrasion resistance – Nylatron lends itself to low to medium stress applications possessing a high mechanical strength.
  • Reduces lubrication – Filled with molybdenum disulfide at source it enables components within applications to keep free moving without the need for constant additional lubrication.

Nylatron components can be supplied in a dark grey / black colour. Ask a member of our sales team for more information. Data sheets can be supplied free of charge upon request.

Please note that information supplied by RH Nuttall Limited is given to the best of their knowledge, and should be for guidance purposes only. Data supplied is dependent on a specific application and is ultimately the customer’s own decision. Information supplied will vary between different grades of Nylatron.