RH Nuttall Limited manufacturers a wide range of polythene washers. Polyethylene washers, can be supplied in any shape from simple round or square designs to a bespoke configuration with numerous holes and or slots across the flange. Our polythene range of product can be supplied in high density (HDPE) or low density (LDPE).

Over the past few years RH Nuttall Limited have invested heavily in new, state of the art, automated machinery allowing them to produce our polythene washer range for a vast amount of different industries which include construction, home appliances, architectural, and automotive trades.

RH Nuttall Limited also have the facility to apply a self-adhesive backing to any LDPE or HDPE washer product we produce. RH Nuttall Limited provide a range of grades of polythene washer to suit every customer requirement. Furthermore, most base materials are held in stock and therefore our nylon products can be turned around immediately. Click here to select the grade of material that is most suitable for your polythene washer.