In the early days the main bulk of business was the manufacture of leather washers which were cut on hand-operated fly presses.

However, in the twenty first century our customer base now includes business and household names in: white goods, bathroom fittings, lighting, heating, security, window and door furniture, garden-watering and ponds, brewing, pumps, plumbing, welding plant, electrical goods, automotive, castors and bearings, OEM, flood barriers, construction, engineering, insulation, packaging, logistics, and fasteners and fixings.

From light bleed sealing solutions on high end motor vehicles, to one off spacers on prison toilets, RH Nuttall Limited is happy to deal with every customer on a personal and equal level.

A Family Run Business Since 1860

Established in 1860, RH Nuttall Limited (previously known as W Parkins) has been passed through family lines ever since. Currently two generations of family are employed by the Company, with over 80 years’ worth of experience between them. Their knowledge and expertise within the trade of manufacturing non metallic washers, gaskets and sealing strips is second to none. The new generation of family have seen the original washer and gasket manufacture grow and develop across a broad spectrum of industrial sectors and moreover diversify into new areas of production including rubber strip, expanded sponge strip and coil manufacture in recent times.

Employing a dedicated and experienced team of over 65 people, RH Nuttall Limited is a leading gasket manufacturer that offers a high standard of product at a very competitive price. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on a fast delivery, understanding the needs of our customers’ requirements, and reacting accordingly. Moreover, RH Nuttall Limited is owned solely, and run predominantly by family, with the current two generations of family members having over 80 years’ experience in the trade between them. This enables the customer to deal with somebody that is both amenable and knowledgeable within the field, therefore satisfying any enquiry you may have both promptly and efficiently.

Expert guidance through personal interaction with our clients is of paramount importance to us. We offer valuable advice about our products, as well as any design ideas you may have, free of charge. Although our much continued success has led to a steady growth within the organisation, we have never taken our focus off our customers and how important they are to us in our quest to an even more successful business in the future. Please don’t just take our word for it, but read what our customers think of us, and the impeccable service we offer by clicking here.

Bob Nuttall - RH Nuttall Ltd

Bob Nuttall


Born in 1917 in Birmingham Bob attended Moseley Grammar School where he left at the age of 16. He had various jobs before being enlisted into the RAF when World War II started. Bob entered Bomber Command and as a rear gunner where he completed over 40 missions being awarded the DFM for outstanding calmness and bravery on one particular trip. Bob was shot down in June 1943 and spent two years of his life in Stalag Luft 3, the Great Escape camp (he was in fact set to be in the second wave of escapees on the night). He returned to the UK after the war and eventually went to work for Turner Bros Asbestos Co (TBA) as a rep. In the late 1950's Bob was offered a job running the Birmingham branch of Leicester washer manufacturer W. Parkins, which was a family business. Bob eventually bought the branch in 1963 and changed the name to RH Nuttall Limited. In his spare time Bob was a keen cricket fan and became Chairman of Sutton Coldfield Cricket Club. He was also a fan of Birmingham City FC and a member of Walmley golf club for many years. Bob worked full time until he was 83 years old, but passed away suddenly in 2000.
We offer of expert advice and guidance through the personal interaction with our clients is of paramount importance to us allowing you to get valuable advice on any product we offer or design you may have for free. Although our much continued success has lead to a steady growth within the organisation, we have never taken our focus off our customers and how important they are to us in our quest to an even more successful business in the future. Please don't just take our word for it, but read what our customers think of us, and the impeccable service we offer by clicking here.
Ian Nuttall - RH Nuttall Ltd

Ian Nuttall

Managing Director

Born in 1946 Ian had a good education at the local King Edward School Edgbaston, where he particularly stood out for his excellent cricketing abilities and was a highly regarded fast bowler in his day, once taking the wicket of the then current England wicket keeper and Captain A.C Smith. Ian moved on to study accountancy after school and worked for a number of companies auditing their accounts. Ian progressed from here and Bob, his father, offered him a position within the company. Long days followed, but over time Bob and Ian built up a successful foundation for the company to flourish. With their knowledge of the business and trade they managed to build up a large and diverse client base and service them efficiently and honestly, gaining a good reputation along the way. In 2018 aged 72, Ian retired. A tough decision to make after more than 50 years in the business. It was time for Ian to enjoy a more relaxed pace of life, spending more time on his hobbies which are golf, stamp collecting and being a member of the RSPB, visiting various reserves. In addition, Ian also has a holiday property in Portugal which he can now enjoy for more weeks of the year playing the many beautiful golf courses they have in the Algarve.
Stephen Richard Nuttall - RH Nuttall Ltd

Steve Nuttall


Born in 1972 Steve gained excellent grades at both CSE and A-Level at his local Bishop Vesey Grammar School. Steve followed in Ian’s footsteps and also entered into accountancy doing a foundation course at Birmingham Polytechnic. He went on to use his skills in a few jobs auditing accounts for certain companies. Ian asked Steve to join the Company in 1992 where he started on the shop floor learning everything about the business. Steve flourished in his job role and soon became Works Manager where he set computerised presses and organised the day to day running of the shop floor. When Bob, his grandfather, suddenly passed away in 2000, Steve used the knowledge he had gained on the shop floor and was able to continue from Bob with the quoting and ordering for the Company, which is still his current job role. Steve has also introduced the quality system for the Company making us fully compliant to ISO9001:2008. In his spare time Steve enjoys running a local junior football team which one of his sons, Luke, plays for. He also travels up and down the country supporting Luke who currently plays for Barnsley under 14s, and who wants to build his future in professional football. Steve’s other son Ben has become a professional football freestyler with appearances at high profile football matches during half time, most recently securing a gig at the Champions League final in 2018. He has developed his own marketing strategy, built his own website and continues to be a prominent feature across social media sites – a proper young entrepreneur!
Bryan Nuttall - RH Nuttall Ltd

Bryan Nuttall


Born in 1979 Bryan is the youngest in the Nuttall generation. He obtained good grades at both GCSE and A-Level from Solihull School moving on from there straight to University, where he studied Business Management, successfully qualifying with a 2:1 BA (Hons) degree, as well as a diploma in Management and Marketing.

Fresh from graduating Bryan joined the company in 2000, starting on the shop floor and getting a sensible grounding in the business and its procedures. Bryan’s diligent work attitude quickly meant he became Works Manager, running a large section of complex machinery, organising production planning, goods inwards, ordering materials and running despatch. His Business Management degree came into play when he moved more into the operations side of the business, streamlining processes and helping his dad and brother to run it, becoming a Director in 2006. No mean feat in itself!

Realising the potential of the internet for business and marketing, Bryan started to develop the company websites and online presence. As the business grew, he then moved onto implementing a computer system to get the company fully automated in both sales and accounts. This has now been advanced further with the introduction of Sage in 2016. Bryan still works closely with the Works Manager to oversee certain aspects of shop floor production, as well as being in charge of marketing and social media for the Company. Away from work Bryan’s hobbies and interests include foreign travel, website design, finance, networking and walking.

A Leading Gasket Supplier

Most of our more common base materials are held in stock which in turn means fast turn round times for our customers. We hold all types and grades of foam products including neoprene sponge sheet, EPDM sponge sheet, acoustic foam sheet, neoprene foam sheet and Neoprene EPDM foam blend, EPDM foam sheet, neoprene sponge cord, as well as all rubber products ranging from neoprene sheet, rubber sheet, nitrile sheet to viton sheet.

Both open cell and closed cell foam rubber strip are available from our Company. All of the pre-mentioned are available to buy in roll, coil, strip or cut part formats. For more information on our range please feel free to browse our materials section.

R H Nuttall Limited is managed predominantly by family, so whoever deals with your enquiry will have the experience and expertise to ensure you receive the speed and quality of service that we pride ourselves on.

Furthermore, we have accreditation to ISO9001:2015 to ensure our quality is of the highest standard.

What’s more, with our contacts and knowledge of the market-place, we are sure that none of our competitors will be able to continually offer the same quality product with our consistently high level of service at a better price.

While we do keep stock for some of our larger customers, most of what we produce is custom made to your requirements, and not off-the-shelf. This means that you get exactly what you want without having to compromise your designs. Due to the age of our company we have accumulated an incredible amount of tooling and many enquiries can be turned around immediately despite the fact that the parts will be made to order. RH Nuttall Limited are happy to undertake almost any work no matter what dimensions or quantity are required, we regularly produce one-offs, and runs of tens-of-thousands side by side.

We operate a very small minimum charge and we also accept all major debit and credit cards as means of payment so if you need your parts urgently we can arrange it! Furthermore, we are more than happy to consider trading accounts for spends over £500 per year subject to successful credit checks and/or credit reference checks.

Our production facilities are continually expanding to meet customer requirements and include manual travelling head presses, automated travelling head presses, fly presses, automated guillotines, slitting machines, kiss-cutting machines and many more. We have also recently installed a new state of the art cutting machine with a two metre width cutting facility enabling us to supply large gaskets in one homogeneous piece. All rubber stripping is undertaken too.

R.H.Nuttall Limited has been awarded BS EN ISO 9001:2015.

Managing Director: Ian Nuttall
Directors: Bryan Nuttall, Steve Nuttall
Assistant Directors: Samantha Nuttall & Joanne Nuttall
Accounts Manager/Senior Manager: Jyoti Gordon
Works Manager: Mohammed Khalil
Quality Manager: Craig Mulligan
Sales Manager: Mark Johnson