RH Nuttall Limited manufactures and supplies EPDM sponge strip to almost any width and thickness. Our range of EPDM sponge strip is extensive with a multitude of different grades and densities of EPDM sponge readily available. We are fast becoming the market leader in the production and supply of EPDM sponge products including EPDM sponge strip.

Applications for EPDM sponge strip

EPDM sponge strip plays a crucial part in sealing and spacing throughout a multitude of different industrial sectors.

Strips that are manufactured from EPDM sponge make ideal seals against any ingress of water or air. EPDM sponge strip have a closed cell structure and therefore don’t allow any liquid, gases or air to pass through them, creating a perfect airtight seal on your product.

The compression of the EPDM sponge base material allows for uneven surfaces to be securely sealed once clamped down onto.

EPDM sponge has excellent resistance to UV and ozone and therefore is widely used in external applications when parts will be subject to weathering.

EPDM sponge is a relatively cheap sponge material choice making it a cost effective solution to most sealing applications.

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Small and large quantities of EPDM sponge strip available

At RH Nuttall we manufacture EPDM sponge strip in both small runs and large runs, so regardless of the size of your order, RH Nuttall can deliver. State of the art slitting machinery allows for widths of EPDM sponge strips to start from 3mm wide, and we are capable of producing sections up to and including one metre wide.

Colours of EPDM sponge strip

EPDM sponge strip is currently supplied in two different colours; black and/or white. Our EPDM sponge strips compress when pressure is applied to them, meaning that when two mating surfaces are put either side of the strip, that a seal is created.

Thicknesses of our EPDM sponge strips can be from 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm and right up to 50mm in thickness, but this normally depends on our stock of base material at any given time, as well as the density and grade of EPDM sponge required.

Bespoke and custom EPDM sponge strip available

At RH Nuttall Limited we can produce cut lengths to fit a particular design, or even join standard ten metre rolls to provide longer roll lengths if required. Furthermore a self-adhesive backing can be added to any of our EPDM sponge strips making third hand fixing far easier. EPDM sponge strip also have many other advantages than just sealing. Our range of EPDM sponge strips can be tailored to meet specific temperatures or recoverability rates.

Various densities of EPDM sponge strip

Our standard range of EPDM sponge strips are supplied in a medium density, but firm grades as well as softer grades are also readily available depending on the application. Firm grade EPDM sponge strips are supplied mainly when two heavy surfaces are clamping down onto the strip, but only little compression is required to seal.

Free EPDM sponge strip samples available

Samples of our EPDM sponge strips can be made and sent off to you free of charge to test on your application prior to committing to a bulk order.

Standard EPDM Sponge strips

Common sections of EPDM sponge strip are widely available including most increments of 10mm in width and 1mm upwards in thickness. Roll length can be tailored to suit your requirements, but normally these are supplied in 10 metre lengths.