How rubber can help you this winter

Winter is approaching fast and although we can’t stop the bad weather from coming we can prevent it from effecting our day to day activities. Here are some ways that rubber can prevent the bad weather from getting the best of you this winter.

Tyre maintenance

Tyre maintenance is crucial during the colder months of the year. Maintaining the correct air pressure in cold weather is a bit more difficult than the warmer months. This is because as the temperature drops, the air temperature inside your tyres does, too.

The key to maintaining correct tyre pressure in the winter is to keep an eye on the thermometer outside. If you encounter a midwinter temperature bump then you must adjust accordingly, you can lower your tyre pressure to compensate. If the temperature does drop and you find yourself in the middle of a cold spell, increasing tyre pressure is recommended to maintain control and grip on icy roads.

Rubber sheet

If you find your vehicle snowed in this winter then don’t worry you won’t be digging in the snow for hours, well as long as you have some rubber sheet that is.

Rubber sheets are available in cut pieces, rubber strips or complete rolls – perfect for putting underneath your tyres if you happen to get stuck in the snow. Roll widths and thickness will vary depending on the specific grade of rubber – theres a rubber sheet for every type of tyre so there’s no chance of getting held up by the snow this winter!

If you’re lucky and don’t get snowed in, then why not improvise and use some rubber sheet to create a sledge!

Rubber seals

Rubber seal keeps water and air from infiltrating the cabin through the doors and the boot lid. If this goes bad then water from rain or snow eventually ends up on your seats, carpets and inside your boot.

Rubber seals are a type of weatherstripping, if this fails then you’ll find a slow leak that could cause water accumulation. Rubber sealing is very important for keep your car dry this winter.

Rubber scrapers

Rubber car scrappers are a must for winter, if you haven’t got a garage then preventing your car from getting iced up this winter is going to be extremely difficult. Rubbers scrapers are highly practical, you can keep them inside you car either in the dashboard or tucked inside your door. They’re ideal for scraping off ice and snow and they come in loads of different colours and designs.


Insulating your home is very important over the winter. A lot of heat is lost through your windows, you can use self – stick rubber weather sealing to close any gaps and keep out drafts. This insulation technique is cheap, effective, and involves only minimal alterations to the appearance of your windows.


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