WW1 commemorations in Flackwell Heath dog collars

RH Nuttall recently sent Sally Scagell who works with the Flackwell Local History Group some washers, free of charge, for their WW1 commemorations in Flackwell Heath. Sally needed the washers to make 55 WW1 dog tags for an artwork called the 3D Family Tree of Remembrance for the centenary of the armistice.

WW1 remorial in Flackwell Heath sculpture

They had a large event there on Sunday and the 3D family tree got an enormous amount of interest.

This shows how the 55 men on the war memorial were related to each other using a spider’s web of colour beaded strands (each one hand painted). Only 12 men did not interlink with other families within the village so our losses in WW1 affected virtually every family.

Not sure on where the 3D Family Tree of Remembrance will go now – suggestions welcome – but hopefully they will find a home for it somewhere.

The original intention was to stamp the men’s names into the washers (as per WW1 dog tags) but they did not appear visually strong enough so we used white ink instead.

Although the idea was initially Sally’s this became a community venture with members of our local history group all getting involved in its production.

“We are very grateful for your contribution to this fascinating project.”