RH Nuttall Limited manufacturers of a wide range of neoprene strip. Neoprene foam strip, also known as foam tape or foam glazing tape and neoprene sponge strip, can be supplied in a plain or adhesive backed forms for ease of application.

Closed cell neoprene strips are an excellent solution to leakage problems of both air and water. Used throughout all sectors of industry and a fundamental part of construction, neoprene strip provides an excellent solution to many sealing issues.

Neoprene strips can be supplied with or without an adhesive backing depending on customer requirements. Often referred to as neoprene tape, adhesive backed neoprene strips provide an easy to apply water tight seal for a whole host of applications.

All of the neoprene foam strip and neoprene foam glazing tape we manufacture is flat square and rectangular section. Our expanded neoprene strip is supplied in coils of any given length depending on the thickness required. Expanded neoprene coils are easy to dispense upon application.

Over the past few years RH Nuttall Limited have invested heavily in new, state of the art, slitting equipment allowing them to produce sponge strip for a vast range of different industries which include construction, glazing, electronic, and automotive trades. We sell our neoprene sponge strip and solid neoprene strip in any specified lengths, ranging from 10 metres to 5000 metres.

RH Nuttall Limited also have the facility to apply a self-adhesive backing to any foam strip product we produce. Neoprene strip can be supplied in a solid form or an expanded state dependent on customer requirements. Solid neoprene rubber strip provides a seal that can take high levels of weight without the need for compression, whereas expanded neoprene foam strip gives a little bit more compression, meaning that loads can be butted up to it and compacted into place to further enhance a particular seal. For more advice on the particular material you may require, feel free to speak to one of our customer service team members.

Our stripping facilities allow us to produce neoprene tape in coils to any given length and from widths of 4mm upwards and thicknesses of up to 50mm. Furthermore, most base materials are held in stock and therefore our neoprene strip products can be turned around immediately. Typical thicknesses include 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm right up to 30mm thickness.