PVC is a widely used thermoplastic polymer. It is used by RH Nuttall Limited to produce PVC washers, PVC gaskets, PVC seals and PVC strip in a variety of different industrial sector applications. Predominantly used in the construction industry PVC provides a tough and rigid material that is suitable for a multitude of uses. PVC is available from RH Nuttall Limited in two main variants; Rigid PVC and Flexible PVC.

Rigid PVC

Available in a range of colours and thicknesses, rigid PVC is used by RH Nuttall Limited for applications including sign posts, and also within the plumbing industry. Being impact resistant, strong, durable, lightweight and resistant to weathering it further enhances the reputation of PVC. PVC also has a good resistance to grease, oils and chemicals.

Flexible PVC

PVC is a thermoplastic polymer made softer through the use of plasticizes and is generally used by RH Nuttall Limited for applications including flooring, roofing, curtaining, and electrical cable insulation. Flexible PVC has an ambient working temperature range of -15°C to +50°C. Flexible PVC is normally supplied as a transparent colour, with a slight blue tint.

Predominantly used by RH Nuttall Limited for insulation, flooring, curtaining, balustrades supports and glazing applications, flexible PVC is a very universal material.

General Characteristics

  • Flexible PVC has excellent oil, grease and fuel resistance, but poor organic solvents resistance.
  • Very durable.
  • Good insulating material for inhibiting air flow and increasing energy conservation.
  • Good strength to weight ratio, good durability.
  • Good fire retardant properties.
  • Good electrical insulation properties.

PVC washers, gaskets, seals, and strips can be supplied in either rigid or flexible formats. Ask a member of our sales team for more information. Data sheets can be supplied free of charge upon request.

Please note that information supplied by RH Nuttall Limited is given to the best of their knowledge, and should be for guidance purposes only. Data supplied is dependent on a specific application and is ultimately the customer’s own decision. Information supplied will vary between different grades of PVC.

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